The story

The Schlosser’s have called S.S. #10 school (Ramsey School), home since 1988. The 102 year old building is the 3rd school to be built on this property. The previous schools were built in 1860 and in 1880. ln 1967 ( Canada’s 100th) the present building was shut down as a school and sold off bythe school board as surplus, to be turned into a residential property. Brian & Rozalynn and their 3 sons, Curtis, Kyle and Cameron are the 4th family to call this school their home , since the school was converted over to private dwelling. The property also has a pole barn, and it is on this building that you willfind nNorah’s Pinwheel” mounted on the north end wall, close to the road.The concept of this barn board carne around after the IPM 2A17 committee expressed an interest in making up a Barn Quilt Tour. After googling the hundreds ol designs that can be lound on the internet, I slill wasn’t able to find a design that what was what I was after, so I just started doodling, and this is what I came up with, not your traditional quilt design by any means. The name “Norah’s Pinwheel’came to be, because the finished product does look a bit tike a pinwheel, it is named afrer a young lady by the name of Norah, our granddaughter,who jusl happens to be almost 2 years of age, the perfect age to be playing with pinwheels! lf you happen to miss us on the Barn Quilt Tour, “Norah’s Pinwheel” will be going to the IPM site this lall , where it will find a temporary home in front of the Brussels Fall Fair’s giant tent. We hope you will be able to find and enjoy allthe quilts that are being designed, painted, and mounted throughout the countryside this year, iust in time to help celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday and the 100th year of the lnternational Plowing Match & Rural Expo.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Brian Schlosser


Norah’s Pinwheel

86320 Ramsay Line Bluevale,ON

Latitude : 43.81899 Longitude : -81.21981

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