The story

This farm, located on 81941 Dutch Line, has been passed down to the next generation… Don and Greta Greidanus purchased the farm in April 1958 of 175 acres. Which they enjoyed raising their family of 10 children and worked hard to make a living. They alwarys had a variety of livestock and pets. The farm was always a love for their second youngest child, Terry. Whether it be expanding in the cattle herd or spending hours in the tractor working the land, planting the crops, hay and straw season and time for harvest. Terry also had another love and married myself, Kimberly Elliot on August 02,1996. We rented a home on Londesboro Rd where we also welcomed a son, Damion in 1996 and soon to follow a daughter, Shelby in 1998. Terry continued to help his Dad throughout this time with field work, cattle and worked off the farm as well. We purchased the farm from Don and Gret in the Spring of 2000. As much smaller family with the 4 of us, we have all worked together and with help from family and friends we are blessed more every year! We have built our cattle herd throughout the years and recently bought back into the cow/calf business! The quilt re[resents our Heritage and Love… Terry is from a Dutch background. Myself, I am from a Scottish, Irish and German background. We are blessed to live in this gorgeous Country of Canda where we get to do what we love and most of all we are blessed to live a life for Christ and that is who our Love and Trust is in.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Terry and Kim Greidanus


In God We Trust

81941 Dutch Line, Londesborough, ON

Latitude : 43.70558 Longitude : -81.50903

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