The story

The Ginn’s originally settled in the former Goderich Township in1830. So I am the sixth generation to farm in Huron County. My father bought the present farm in 1952 and his brother farmed the original farm. The farm consists of 315 acres and is located between Highway 8 and the Mailtand river. Being along the river results in many steep slopes and hills. Trees cover 100 acres of the farm and another 40 is too hilly to crop and is in pasture. The result of this is that livestock have always been part of the operation, first dairy cattle and now a purebred red angus cow/calf herd. I receive many compliments on how nice the cows look when they pasture on the hills so when I decided to make a quilt I wanted a picture of a cow both for that reason and for a little self promotion. Also with it being Canada’s 150th birthday I wanted a maple leaf. But I wanted a red cow so I made the maple leaf white Thanks to the support from my wife Brenda and two grown children, son Andrew and daughter Kaylie we now have a new landmark to replace the ” Holstein tree house”of yesterday year

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Jim Ginn


Ginn Family Quilt

36912 Huron Rd, Clinton,ON

Latitude : 43.67312 Longitude : -81.61861

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