The story

If this old shop could talk. This is, and has been my home .since 1946. My Dad J.C.McNeil moved to Brussels after serving in the second World War and opened a service station to provide for the farming community. Supplying Shell oil and gasoline and repairing and welding farm equipment. My Dad would send me to local farms like John McArter, Tom Miller, Harvey Dennis, Charlie Thomas and Bill Wheeler’s. I would learn how hard they worked and helped to mow hay, gather eggs, clean pig pens, catch chickens and ride the team of horses up from the fields with old hay wagons. While Dad worked hard at the service station day and nights, these farmers would stop by on occasion to tell stories around the Coka Cola cooler. They talked about crops and fixing manure spreaders and that old wagon wheel that went bad because of lack of axel grease. I would sit as a young lad on an old garbage pail listening to all their stories. Another Huron County farmer, Mr. Leo Deitner told the story of pulling into the garage with his Dad’s truck and my Dad was smoking a White Owl cigar pumping his gas while holding me as a baby in his other arm, oh, the good ole’ days. As for my Barn Quilt, I love to paint. Anything from cars, toys, signs and antiques. I’ve done this on the very property for as long as I can remember, right where this barn quilt hangs. I have incorporated many things in this unique hand made pattern that reminds me, and hopefully others, of days gone by in Huron County. Stop by for a tour at 199 Turnberry Street, Brussels, to my museum and revisit a piece of history.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Don McNeil


My Art Mixture Quilt

199 Turnberry St. Brussels, ON

Latitude : 43.74993 Longitude : -81.24511

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