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ARMSTRONG AERODROME FARM has been in the Armstrong family since it was purchased by them in 1892. The present owner, James Armstrong, has had a keen interest in airplanes since childhood. During his college years, he took flying lessons and owned a Tiger Moth airplane. James built the first runway in Grey Township on his farm at Lot 12, Concession 9 in 1953. He spent seven years building his first aircraft and since then has been building and flying home-built airplanes for his own pleasure.

John Vincent, the original owner of Lot 2, bought it from the Crown in 1860. The farm was purchased by David Dobson in 1876 and the bank barn was built in 1878.

A close look at the barn reveals much about the ingenuity and labour involved in its construction. The huge squared beams are lined with the marks of the

hewer’s axe. The mortise-and- tenon joints are fastened with wood pegs, or trunnels, that are stronger than iron. Wood batten strips were added to the wood siding boards where they butt against one another, to better keep out the snow, wind and rain. The foundation of the barn is made of local stone.

Armstrong Aerodrome is now a private airstrip where hang gliders can await favourable winds in the pilot’s haven in the old barn. Credit- Writer unknown

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Leona Armstrong


Armstrong Aerodrome

42774 Newry Rd, Brussels,ON

Latitude : 43.74389 Longitude : -81.24187

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