The story

When I first started on my quest to make a barn quilt, I knew I wanted to incorporate our families in it. I come from a family of 4 girls, we have 4 daughters, Ed has 4 sisters and more than 4 brother. Also, we have 2 sets of parents which gives us 4. We will soon be having our 4th grandchild. As you can see 4 is a very predominant number in our life. On the quilt there are 4 pieces of almost each color on it. 4 red, 4 orange,4 blue, 4 yellow, 4 green. Colours mean different things to different people. The colours speak to me. They all have a special meaning. I love the brightness of them all. They make me happy! I wanted to include my mom’s favorite color red. She would rarely leave the house without her red lipstick on. My kids lovingly call her, Ruby Red lips. The red and orange flower reminds me of the time i spend in my flower beds. If you look at the quilt from afar, you can see an orange windmill, which is a symbol of Ed’s dutch heritage. We have lived on our farm for 34 years on Centennial Rd, south of Seaforth. Its the first farm we bought to start our life. We started with dairy, working very hard miking the cows through the years, plus cash cropping for the past 10+ years. We have raised 4 beautiful daughters, who have worked along beside us on the farm as they were growing up. Our oldest 3 now have families and homes of their own on our family farms. We have 3 gorgeous grand daughters. I guess what it all adds up to is our love of families, our home, our heritage and our farming way of life! I want our children to know that this will always be their home and are welcome with open arms. This brings me to the name of my barn quilt, ” Show Me the Way Home”..

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Ed & Sue Anne Van Miltenburg


Show Me the Way Home

42680 Centennial Rd, Seaforth,ON

Latitude : 43.50859 Longitude : -81.439

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