The story

The McLarty family rented this hog barn in 1985 as Ken moved into full- time farming. McLarty Family Farms purchased the farm in 2007. This building is now an equipment storage barn. The nine patch pattern was chosen for this farm as it signifies the strength the farm added to the McLarty farming base. Green and yellow were the colors chosen for this nine patch barn quilt: green for crops and yellow for sunshine
Nine-patch quilts consist of nine equal squares, arranged three rows across and three down. Early block designs allowed frugal quilters to use very small scraps of fabric and were often made from pieces of cloth left over from making clothing or were cut from old, worn-out clothes. Thus, these quilts were made in a myriad of colors. The nine patch design was one of the simplest quilts to make and often the first one a young girl learned. These utilitarian quilts possessed the advantages of warmth, strength, and the opportunity to recycle existing materials.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Ken and Sue McLarty


Nine Patch

21520 Victoria Rd, Ridgetown, ON

Latitude : 42.48868 Longitude : -81.91901

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