The story

#1-Dakota Star This barn quilt is on the west side of our barn. This pattern was chosen to honour the first builders of this barn who lived in the Dakota Territory in the late 1800s and returned to their farm in West Lorne to build our eight-sided barn. They said they were inspired to build it because of all the “round barns” that were being built in the Dakotas at that time. We chose the vibrant yellows of the prairies and the lush greens and blues of our north shore landscape to create this design.

#2-Evening Star This barn quilt graces the north side of Crazy 8 Barn. It was chosen for inner octagon pattern and eight-pointed starburst to honour the shape of our reconstructed Octagon Barn. At the Crazy 8 Barn, you can stop in to learn more about Barn quilts, enjoy a made-from-scratch meal and buttertart and stroll through our beautiful garden

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Crazy 8 Barn & Garden


Dakota Star

Crazy 8 Barn & Garden 14226 Talbot Trail (Palmyra) R.R. 1 Muirkirk, Ont

Latitude : 42.44269 Longitude : -81.76677

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