The story

Quilt 1-This sunflower barn quilt is a nod to the Pinedale Patch which is a new venture in agritourism with our sunflower trail and pumpkin patch. Teledale Farms was purchased by the Smith Family in 1958. The farm, at that time, had a 20 milking cows that were milked with a bucket milker. The farm is now run by the third generation and milks over 100 cows with two robotic milkers. Teledale Farms is now certified as “grass fed.”

Quilt 2- Pumpkin with Bluebird

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : 1735 Concession Rd 4 Smith Family


Fields of Sunflowers & Pumpkins

1735 Conconcession Sunderland, ON

Latitude : 44.00041 Longitude : -79.15392

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