The story

Sampler Quilts

In the spring of 2016, Mrs. Sturgeon’s Grade 4 class, made up of 28 students ages 9-10, enthusiastically embraced the Barn Quilt Trail project and worked together to produce “Sampler Quilts” which is displayed on the south-facing wall of the Millbrook South Cavan Public School.  Sampler quilts, popular since the mid-1800s, are comprised of different block patterns that are generally non-repeating, providing an ideal format for this class project.  Members of the Millbrook Needlers Quilt Guild, led by CMBQT’s Elaine Young, worked with the students, encouraging them to use skills relating to mathematics, history, literature, art and design.  Each student designed and painted their own square, and wrote a short account of the inspiration for their design and the process of creating their own unique block.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Millbrook South Cavan Public School


Sampler Quilts

47 Tupper St Millbrook, ON

Latitude : 44.15593 Longitude : -78.45022

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