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Maple Seasons

The “Maple Seasons” quilt block is owner Pat Barr’s unique design that reflects the importance of the Maple Tree both in the lives of Pat and her husband David, and also in this community and beyond.  The colours represent the changing seasons that are so distinctive and evident to those who live among the maples.  Pat and David Barr bought this 13 acre parcel in 2004 after a four year search in the area for a retirement property where they could pursue the small, home-based hobby that was seasonal, rewarding and out in the fresh air:  making maple syrup was the obvious choice for them!

Making maple syrup was part of David’s experience growing up on a farm in the Ottawa Valley, and it had also been a hobby of Pat’s Dad, who passed along to them all the equipment to get started.  The sugaring process usually begins early in March and can extend well into April depending on Mother Nature.  Cool nights below zero, followed by days with above zero temperatures, are required to allow the sap to expand up from the roots and into the trunk and branches.   The trees are tapped, spiles are placed in the holes and metal buckets are hung on the spiles.  Then the wait for the dripping begins!  It’s very rewarding going out to collect the sap and finding the buckets full!  The sap is boiled over an outdoor fire, then filtered and finished in the house.  Theirs is only have a small operation (60-100 trees), but they are able to supply friends and family with some of the best syrup around!  Their syrup has travelled across Canada, and overseas to England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Block designed by Pat Barr and Debra Jackson.

Block painted by Jeanne Moran.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Pat & David Barr


Maple Seasons

1477 Sunset Drive Cavan, ON

Latitude : 44.17709 Longitude : -78.54266

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