The story

                  The old railway line used to go behind their house. The Kemp family, who previously owned the property,bought that piece of land, which extended their property 30 feet.

Interesting history…in Jan.1971, there was a mammoth blizzard which closed the roads and schools several days! On the first day of the storm, the school bus, taking students home, got stranded out front of this small house. The bus driver, a teacher from another school and a bus load of students all were made welcome inside by the Kemp family. Mr. And Mrs. Kemp were extremely generous to feed and provide shelter to this big crowd for several days until the visitors were rescued by snowmobile.

The current owners….Jeff and Jennifer Bates chose the quilt block pattern-”Jack in the Box” because everyone in their family-parents and children have names starting with the letter”J”, as does “JACK….in the Box”. When one looks at the pattern, the letter “J” is evident. Very appropriate choice!!!

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Jeff and Jennifer Bates


Jack in the Box

33317 Denfield Rd, Lucan, ON

Latitude : 43.15187 Longitude : -81.44294

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