The story

The original barn on this property was built in 1898 and stood until quite recently. The main part of the house was thought to have been built approximately the same time.

In 1978, Brandon`s grandparents, Bruce and Joanne Hutchinson, who live on the opposite side of the road, bought this farm from a family by the name of Bedwell. Hutchinsons rented out the house until Brandon`s parents, Mike and Terri were married and moved here in 1984. Just four years later they took over ownership of the farm and raised hogs until 2009. Additions to the house were made over the years to accommodate their growing family: kitchen, bathroom, storage room and recreation room. Between 1994 and ’96 a garage and shed were added.

In 2012, Terri and “Pastor Mike” moved to Fordwich to take charge of a church and parish. At that time, Brandon and Megan sold their home in Parkhill and moved to this ‘home’ farm where Brandon grew up. Together this couple is proud to raise the fourth generation of Hutchinsons to live on this farm. “Generations” is the perfect design to choose for their barn quilt block.

Why the colours of blue and white?? These are the colours of Brandon`s favourite football team….”The Dallas Cowboys”!!

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Brandon and Megan Hutchinson



3511 Elginfield Rd, Parkhill, ON

Latitude : 43.15678 Longitude : -81.60065

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