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St George Barn Quilt Trail

The Ontario Barn Quilt Trail welcomes the St George Barn Quilt Trail, a bicentennial project. Twelve,  eight- foot square barn quilt blocks have been colourfully painted and installed on barns, farm buildings through out the community.  Each block tells a different part of St. George’s history  and will serve as a lasting legacy of the community’s bicentennial. “They’re there for the people to enjoy and learn about the rich history of the village,” said Brant 4-H Club leader Joan Crawford-Wehrstein who thought up the idea for the project last summer....Brant News by Natalie Paddon



Here you’ll find the barn quilts of Ontario; the communities who created them; and the businesses who will care for you on the road. Explore this website and connect. Before you explore the backroads of Ontario, check out these maps. Then come back and tell us about your experiences.

Or, perhaps you are intrigued by barn quilts and want to paint one? Click on the "How-to" tab and start exploring the videos and tips that barn quilt enthusiasts are sharing.

Or maybe you are game to organize a community project?  Bless you! You definitely have come to the right place!  The vision is to build a barn quilt network that shares the information you are seeking about this latest rural phenomenon.

From Antiques to Artisans

We celebrate the visual landscape and the history that brought people to this place. Businesses!   Sponsor a barn quilt.  They act as beacons, leading visitors to your rural business.  Promote your brand.  Highlight your cluster.  Celebrate your unique products.  Help people find your farm gate and CSA.

Every barn quilt has a special story. Discover our Ontario culture: from First Nations’ origins ... to the settlement of our Counties ... to the stories of timber frame barns that are fast disappearing. Communities are using barn quilts to tell their stories.

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