There are three types of sponsorship: Local, Trail, and Sustaining.

1. Local Sponsors: Local businesses who sponsor a barn quilt declare they care about their community. If you are a local trail sponsor, your business name will be highlighted beside one of the barn quilts on your trail page here at Along with all the photos and stories about your local trail, there will be live link leading right to your organization’s web page.

2. Trail Sponsors: For bigger exposure, you can put your business brand up in lights here at This sponsorship sustains your local trail by keeping the website fresh and functioning. $500 is paid annually to the Ontario Barn Quilt Trails. 25% goes paid back to your local project to defray ongoing costs of maps and brochures.

3. Sustaining Sponsors cover the balance of the website maintenance, administration, and ongoing expenses. These sponsors get the choice locations here at Choose between two packages:

Targeted sponsorship: A banner ad shown on a section of the site of your choosing, $1500 per year, or

Run-of-Site Sponsorship: A banner ad randomly displayed placement on non targeted areas, $1000 per year.

Put up your business and brand to invite visitors to Visit Ontario’s Barn Quilt Trails.  For more information, send an email to [email protected]