The story

The Cross– George and Margaret Ward were devout Anglicans. They believed that God was an omnipresent God who rewarded those who followed him. Prayer and worship were daily parts of the Wards’ life. They trusted God to ensure their safe arrival in Canada to establish a homestead. They believed that God created the earth and the soil. He was in control of their livelihood and survival. They had faith that God would provide a bountiful harvest every year.

Rest on Sunday was strictly adhered to. Sunday devoted to God. Families typically spent the whole day in prayer, study and worship. This day allowed them to reflect on God’s work in their lives and recuperate from the hard work of the week prior. As the settlement in Wardsville expanded and churches were constructed, many people would travel to church on Sundays and worship with fellow believers.


The Cross

1870 Longwoods Rd, Wardsville, ON

Latitude : 42.65812 Longitude : -81.75126

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