Barn Quilts, like any other visual art expression, are uniquely valued for their individual beauty and each is a creation in the eye of the beholder.
Nothing quite matches seeing one in the rough and hewn countryside of verdant fields and forest. Especially, where one peeks out over a field of vision and creates a mystery as to its meaning in the hands of the original design artist. This is the essence of exploration and experience. The whetting one's appetite to know more.
Driving through a rural landscape and seeing an arresting visual message of a barn quilt creates a rural art gallery experience. Tourism and visiting are all about adding unique informative experiences to your life. 
For those who are moved by art, barn quilt trails represent carefully curated art that will cause you to move about, and to experience it in their many locations. In the doing, economic activity is created. 
David Jonah
Principal Consultant
Jonah & Associates



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