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Painted by the Brant County 4-H Barn Quilt Paint  Club and Community Volunteers

Volunteer firefighters have served the St. George and surrounding community for 102 years, providing assistance to residents for structure fires, extrication from vehicle accidents, medical assists and defibrillator program. They advocate preventative measures such as promotion of smoke detectors and CO detectors. A very important part of the volunteer department is the enthusiastic support of community events.

  The fire service in St. George has been located in three halls; 1st in 1912 located between the Methodist Church and the blacksmith shop in the area of our present Legion.  2nd in 1962 a new hall was built at this location to house the larger, more-modern fire trucks.  3rd located at 72 Main Street North houses four state-of-the-art trucks and the refurbished 1928 antique Chevrolet pumper fire truck.  Firefighters were first alerted to emergencies when the bell rang to warn residents of fire.  Sirens and pagers sounded the alarm in later years and now cell phones assist portable radios with mapping and directions. 

  Station 7 St. George, part of amalgamated County of Brant, 24 firefighters.  They answer approximately 180 calls per year.  One constant that remains is the spirit of volunteerism and dedication that has been an outstanding characteristic of the St. George firefighters from 1912 throughout 2014, and beyond.


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