Lacey's Mariners Compass


804 Closson Road

Mariner’s Compass I – Lacey Estates Winery, Wellington Ontario

It was Charles and Molly Lacey’s dream to own their own winery.  They first purchased a house and some land in Prince Edward County in the 1980’s with the intention of retiring there and later added the land beside them, where their dream would come true after Charles and his son Kimball attended a grape seminar at one of the local wineries. From then on it was full steam ahead as Liz, Kimball, Charles, Andrew and other family members joined in, and in 2003 the first vines were planted.  More vines followed over the next few years and today Lacey Estates has about 9000 vines growing.  In 2009 they opened the winery and have never looked back. Liz Lacey and her father-in-law Charles commissioned the Mariners Compass I, barn quilt, in honour of Molly, who was an avid quilter, as is Liz.  The Mariner’s Compass graces an impressive location on the tasting room building situated on a slight rise on the land, making it a star to look up to. 

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