Business Owners

For businesses along the trail: everyone gets hungry, thirsty and the itch to shop.  Sponsor a barn quilt and support your local project.

If you’re not on a trail, help get a local project started.  If the trail does not go by your lane, initiate a spur line.  Or ask to have one painted for your business.  Or paint your own.  Barn quilts act as beacons, leading visitors to your door.  Promote your brand.  Highlight your cluster.  Celebrate your unique products.  Help people find your farm gate and CSA.

For bigger business – paint companies, lumber supplies, hardware stores, fabric companies.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your product.  We think you should put your logo up on this website.  If you want to support rural culture, what could be better than supporting rural community development and the arts by sustaining this website?   Contact us to find out about how to be profiled on this website.

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