Wallacetown Fair Grounds



Wallacetown Fair Grounds

A-Country Fair (Commercial Building) This block captures the all-round spirit of our Fair. Folks from all walks of life gather to enjoy a weekend of renewing old friendships, making new friends, participating in events, enjoying the midway, and taking home ribbons. It brings communities together and focuses on spending time with friends and neighbours.  Colours used in this block show harmony, with the ferris wheel being the complete circle of our communities.

B- 4H (Ag Building) - for decades youth and their leaders have participated in a large variety of 4H Clubs and are encouraged to enter their animals and projects. This training enables our future generations to carry on our country way of life and brings together rural and urban young people. Green and white are the 4H colors

C-Pencils and Crayons (Junior Fair Building) - children and youth from the surrounding areas (schools, towns, and townships) are able to participate in all classes at the Fair to showcase their talents. Eachear individuals are able to grow and develop seeing the results of their entries.

D-Corn and Beans (Roots and Grains Building) -with our roots in agriculture, farming and gardens bring together and showcase crops and produce. All ages participate, which creates a colourful variety to compete for the biggest and best of the year. Traditionally green and yellow have been used for this quilt block.

E- Log Cabin (Homecraft Building) - the "Home" is the heart of the family. Within these walls are displays of culinary delights, sewing, crafts and colourful flowers. Combined, they depict the accomplishments of family from past and present. Red is the centre of the block meaning the home fire, other colours blend together and builds around the centre.




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